Knee joint is one of the most complex joint inside human body. Today, we will learn some important knee pain reasons by best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai.

The knee joins the thigh bone called as Femur to the shin bone called as Tibia. The smaller bone in knee that runs along the side of the Tibia and the Kneecap are the other bones that make the knee joint. Tendons attach the knee bone to the leg muscles which move the knee joint in every direction. Ligaments connect the knee bones and provide support to the knee.

The anterior cruciate ligament prevents the femur from sliding backward on the Tibia.

The posterior cruciate ligament prevents the Femur from sliding forward on the Tibia.

The medial and lateral collateral ligaments restrain the Femur from move side to side.

Two C-shaped pieces of cartilage called the medial and lateral menisci act as shock absorber between the Femur and Tibia.

Your knee joints plays a vital role holding up your body weight and accomplish even more pressure when you walk, run or jump. Knee pain is very common, both from sport injuries and our day to day life.

Knee pain is due to commonly:

  • Over Training
  • Tight lliotibial
  • Tight or weak Hamstring Muscles.
  • Weak Quadriceps Muscles
  • Flat Feet
  • Weak Gluteal Muscles
  • Tight Calf Muscles

Sports injuries tend to affect one knee at a time. Pain in both knees is more common with Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. Knee pain reasons by best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai will tell us what could be the conditions for Knee pain or Joint pain.

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                       Knee Pain Reasons by Best Orthopedic Doctor in Mumbai