Dr. Kunal Patel is the Best Arthroscopic Doctor Mumbai. He is well known for various surgeries such as knee Arthroscopy, shoulder Arthroscopy, knee replacement and hip replacement surgery in Mumbai. He is also an orthopedics surgeon and an expert orthopedics consultant in Mumbai.

Basically, Arthroscopy word has two parts which comes from Greek words, One is “arthro” that means joints and the other is “skopein” which means to look. So the term arthroscopy means to look with in joint. Arthroscopy is basically a surgical procedure to the orthopedic surgeon use to visualize, diagnose and treat problems inside a joint.

Arthroscopic surgery is done with the help of small camera called an arthroscope. In an arthroscopic surgery, doctor or surgeon will make a very small incision and insert a tiny camera into the joint that camera will help the doctors to view the inside of the joint on the screen.

Arthroscopy can be performed using general, spinal, regional or local anesthetic. The arthroscopic surgery is much easier than the open surgery. In open surgery there is much more wastage of blood as compared to arthroscopic surgery. There is a less chance of infection in an arthroscopic surgery as compared to open surgery. There are small incision and scars in an arthroscopic surgery.

Dr. Patel is the Best Arthroscopic Doctor Mumbai. He has an experience of many years in his field. Dr. Patel is honored as chief guest at various medicals and health related seminars. He is well known for his supportive and politely nature. His good patient care behavior, good consultancy, result oriented services make him orthopedics specialist. He motivates their patients which helps to quick recovery. He is now currently working in Punit hospital, Mumbai. The main motive of Dr. Patel is to deliver high-quality, advanced surgical and medical care for childrens adults and old aged.

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