If you are affected by any injury or arthritis and your one part of the knee is damaged then immediately visit partial knee replacement doctor Mumbai. Dr. Kunal Patel is the best doctor for partial knee replacement surgery. He is the best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai. He performs many successful operations such as total knee replacement, shoulder surgery, total hip replacement surgery, and arthroscopy surgeries.

What is partial knee replacement surgery?

Partial knee replacement surgery is the unicompartmental knee replacement where only damaged part of knee is replaced which is caused by any injury or any disease such arthritis. During partial knee replacement surgery, affected bone and cartilage is resurfaced with artificial joint which man-made material.

This surgery is alternative to total knee replacement surgery because partial knee replacement is done with smaller incisions and spend less time in hospital. The advantages of partial knee replacement surgery consists-

  • Less pain after surgery.
  • Quicker recovery from surgery.
  • Allows daily activities to be done more easily and with less pain in movement.

Surgical procedure: –

The surgeons will make small incision toward inside the inside of the knee and exposing the compartments of the knee that verify the damage in the knee parts(compartments).

There are three basic steps in the procedure of the surgery-

  1. Prepare the bone
  2. Position the metal implant
  3. Place an insert or spacer

Materials required for partial knee replacement surgery-

Femur – this is a surgical tool which is metal component that used to remove the worn-out surface and shape the end of the femur. This is cemented to the bone.

Tibia – it is cut flat across the bone. At the top of the tibia, a metal plate is attached and cemented in place. Also, there is a plastic component which is attached to the plate and it will act as a cushion.

Ligaments – ligaments are maintained for the new joint can move normally.

After inserted components, surgeon will fit them properly and check them that the new joint can move properly. Then, the wound is closed with stitches.

Dr. Kunal Patel is the best orthopedic surgeon and has a team of professional doctors that will provide you the best treatment and you will resume your normal life activities.

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