People go for orthopedic surgery to get rid of pain in bones and joints. Some injuries are easily overcome by normal medicines, physiotherapy, massage, exercise and much more. But there are some cases which have no other option expect surgery. These cases include bone tumour, cancer, fracture and much more. These are some Alternative Methods to Manage Pain after Orthopedic Surgery.

After having surgery you may get relief from your injury. But some people also feel pain after having surgery. Now question arise how to eliminate it? Answer of this question is alternative methods. People need to go for alternative methods to manage pain after orthopaedic surgery. These methods help them very much to minimize their pain. Below is the list of these alternative methods:

  • TENS – TENS stand for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. TENS machine is used to send stimulating pulses across surface of skin and along the nerve strands. These pulses stop the pain signal from reaching the brain. This also helps our body to produce natural painkiller that is “endorphins”. But TENS should be not used in pregnancy, mental retardation and undiagnosed pain.
  • CPM- CPM stands for continuous passive motion. It is a technique in which your joint is constantly moved in mechanical splint to prevent stiffness and increase the range of motion. CPM moves your joint automatically without any use of your effort.
  • Meditation- Meditation is also good method to reduce pain. After having the session, many people feel reduction in their pain. Prior to learning the meditation technique,brain imaging showed significant activity in a key area of the brain when the participants were subjected to intense heat, but this activity was reduced when they were meditating.

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Alternative Methods to Manage Pain after Orthopedic Surgery