If you want to live healthy as you get older, you already know that exercise is important for the healthy bones. Exercise is a key component to improving Health. Exercise is essential for all of us, especially in knee pain. Knee pain is a common ailment among all ages. The knee problem can gradually become an issue as one age. If you’re feeling weak in the knees, you must exercise; try these easy Exercises to Reduce Knee Pain.

  • Knee press: This is the most simple and effective exercise which helps to reduce knee pain. Take a towel roll, keep it below your knee and press the knee on a towel. Hold for 10 seconds and then relax. Repeat this process 10 times.
  • Single leg raises: Raise up your leg up to 30 degrees. Hold for 10 seconds and then bring back. Continue the process with 10 repetitions.
  • Leg Sideways: Lie on one side and bend the leg below. Take the above leg upwards and hold for 10 seconds and bring it down.
  • Prone knee bending: lie on a stomach and bend the knee towards your back. Hold for 10 seconds and bring back to starting position
  • Quads Strengthening: Sit on a high chair or table, Lift the leg from the knee and then hold for 10 seconds and bring back to resting position. Take care not to bend from the back and apply force from your back. The upper muscles of the thigh need to be worked on.

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Exercises to Reduce Knee Pain